Jacob Patin, E.I.T.

Jacob Patin has a BS and MS in Environmental Engineering from Michigan State University. He has worked for the State of Michigan as an engineer for 4 years. He is currently the Grand Rapids District Floodplain Engineer for the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy. Some of his duties include: regulation of riverine floodplains, critical dunes, high risk erosion areas, and lakeshore projects; determination of the 100-year floodplain elevation for unmapped areas; updates and improvements to the UI for the MiWaters Joint Permit Application. Jacob has been involved with the Michigan Stormwater Floodplain Association (MSFA) since 2017. He has served as the 2018 Conference Chair and 2019 Communications Chair and is now the 2020 Vice Chair and 2021 Conference Co-Chair.