MSFA Scholarships

Each year the MSFA awards at least one scholarship to a full time junior, senior or graduate student studying biosystems, civil or environmental engineering; or a related natural resources planning program with a specialization related to the mission and goals of the MSFA at a Michigan University.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each WARD’s Stormwater Simulation System Flood Model go toward the MSFA Scholarship fund.

MSFA Scholarship Application must be postmarked by November 5, 2018.

Scholarship Recipients

2019 – Kate VogelUniversity of Michigan
2018 – Leah BectelMichigan Technological University
2017 – Alexander RosenUniversity of Michigan
2016 – Makinnah CollinsCalvin College
2015 – Nolan SandbergUniversity of Michigan
2014 – Kaye LaFondMichigan Technological University
2013 – Jonathan Wagenknecht
– Whitney Briggs
University of Michigan
Western Michigan University
2012 – Erica Green
– Jenifer Stuber
University of Michigan
Michigan State University
2011 – Tina Fix
– Amy Van Steen
University of Michigan
Michigan Technological University
2010 – Brad Wardynski
– Rebecca Larson
Michigan State University
Michigan State University
2009 – Tina Fix
– Patrick Reed
University of Michigan
Michigan Technological University