About MSFA

The Michigan Stormwater-Floodplain Association (MSFA) is the Michigan Chapter of the Association of State Floodplain Managers. MSFA began in 1987 to promote the common interest in floodplain and stormwater management, enhance cooperation among various local, state and federal governmental agencies, and to encourage effective and innovative approaches to managing the State’s floodplain and stormwater management systems.

The Association’s mission is to mitigate the losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding and to promote wise use of the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains.

MSFA supports comprehensive nonstructural and structural management of Michigan’s floodplains and related water resources and the concept of “No Adverse Impact”.

MSFA members represent local, state and federal government agencies, citizen groups, private consulting firms, academia, the insurance industry, and lenders.

MSFA’s goals are to help the public and private sectors:

1. Reduce the loss of human life and property damage resulting from

2. Preserve the natural and cultural values of floodplains.

3. Promote flood mitigation to prevent the loss and wise use of

4. Avoid actions that exacerbate flooding and or stream degradation.

5. Promote a watershed approach to stormwater management.

6. Promote the use of best management practices to minimize
accelerated erosion and control sedimentation.

The MSFA is governed by both a Constitution and Bylaws and has been granted non-porfit status under IRS 503 (c)(3).